I Thought I Recognized That

He was well built, tall dark handsome
Lips luscious, eyelash fullsome
Nose lined out like a bridge,
shoulders broad outta his sleeves
He had a perculiar smell
One that I couldnt really tell
It was a mixture of sweet and sour
like an Incense in the air it soared
He had a big jacket, I observed further
His hood stood gracious, blingers dropped flawless
I bent my head low, I spotted his shoe lace
they swung merrily above the ground
knotted carefully, just why I took a bow
Yours sincerely, this is holiday
It was windy, my thoughts swayed
I lost the signal, what brought me here?
Warmness wrapped my jaw bare
paranoia round my eyes, my legs shuddered
Air closing up, my throat gulping hard
His fingers still crawling round my chin
Music long forgotten in my ears now spinning
I felt a million eyes slyly starring
I was shy, yeah I was hiding that smile
He wrapped his fingers further round my jaw
with his strong hands, he rose my face right up
I blankly starred in his eyes, It seemed like a deja vu
I was lost in his eyes from the start, lets cut the ado
but he had changed alot, my speculations paused
He bent his neck and whispered something
It had eight letters and two words
The only option he carelessly skipped out
Months of exit that should have been burned out
His face now against mine, he braced my lips
My eyes closed up, the world went dead silent
I blinked hard and there was my teacher
starring Mad at me! DANG!! 

What the hell has he been saying?? You can bet I had not the slightest idea..

Your views are warmly welcome! :)

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