Ok! It’s a Saturday and am home thinking of what to lay my hands on! I pick my laptop and start surfing :p Then I come across a picture that translates alotta meaning in my head. It depicts freedom, Absolute possession of One’s spirit. The T.v is still on with my ghost friends watching it (Lol) and am sipping On a glass of Orange Juice! My New found Love J
The picture is still in my head and I relate it to Events that have Occured in my life lately. Theres Just One word Lurking about my head right Now. It’s as simple as its pronounced but very rare to give out. It heals, brings back tranquillity and a perfect state of mind. It’s like putting an end to a Jail sentence! You must already know what that word is…..
   Before I get to that I wana Thank y’all for the beautiful remarks I got from the last post “The Escape”. Y’all are Just wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to read and passing on the link. *Thumbs up*: D
So Mind on matter, the Word is FORGIVENESS….
I love to give life to paintings, pictures and stuff in my head. Right now, I feel like this is Me enjoying some kinda Absolute “Freedom”. I thought to myself: Forgiveness is Freedom.
Most people find it hard to forgive depending on the gravity of the hurt. I wouldn’t say am an exception cos we’re all humans. It’s really hard but easy to forgive. Like the brightness of lightening after thunder comes peace after forgiveness!
 She scrolled down that Inbox filled with deceit
Lies she believed, distrust she began to conceive
He Listened to that voice mail, the voice was that of a male
Talking about love and sex and all there was to say 
She had alotta friends but no One cared to ask why she sulked
 He washed that dish and scrubbed that floor
       For a cold night of no comfort
            Her boss gave her a Quit
        That was an outright Injustice
     Still the globe Never stops spinning
        The sun Never stops shinning
          We never stop sinning
       And God Never stops Forgiving…




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