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Born into a depraved planet
He drinks so hard upon her breasts
The forefront ride pledges to be tough
What knows he yet about a cross?

He is African, He is black
Possessing nothing but a scar of days back
Accused of his color, a treason to his maker
The fate of the black child remains forsaken

Entrapped in a globe of bewildering souls
Who pledge to sameness of race and kinds
Yet delight in cultural narrow-mindedness
The dream of the African child sees no light

Conceited minds condensed with Lies
They see the truth but pretend to be wise
Segregation cries in their ill-bred minds
Only the prudent stands for what is right

It was his wish and many of his kind
That someday all colors shall as one abide
And in the light of day walk hand in hand
Only then shall prosperity bless our lands


Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)



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