There they are! The voices of the tyrants
The autocrats! Persecutors of the ill-fated
From a distance, the weary view of the old man
His vision; weary yet strident, dense and unclad
Stripped of a sense of belonging, deception lingers
His heart pounds, another journey awaits
A journey to the unknown, he clamps his incomplete fingers
Oh what life! What woe and pain brings fate….

They come again! Standing like warriors on the harbor
With gleaming ships, the vicious sparkle of treachery
They come for business, trading humanity with valor
Chock-full of ship for weighty stacks of currencies
Their hearts; entwined in yarns of whips and irons
Their eyes; buried in the loins of the pleasure they seek
Their hands; soiled in bloodshed and the click-clacks of guns
Oh what life! What cold bed it serves for the weak….

For the old man and his ill-fated companions
It’s just another day, another hopeless reality lost
Like caged birds, hoping on the masters grain of corn
Awake all night, hovering songs of comfort on earth’s crust
Wishing upon dead stars and the mocking silence of the moon
Some sing the pain, some sing the joy; some don’t have a clue
The ill winds of despair brushing hard against timeless wounds
Oh what life! What false promise it brings….

The morning after they rise to the gashes of whips
The young and the old, mothers and their suckling babes
Jostling against bars of chains from feet to feet
Tears of anguish, laden with oppression and bondage
For liberty knows neither their names nor their existence
The thieves! They squash up the last milk of the babies
Rendering thunderous slaps for a thrill of her precious thighs
Oh what life! What voiceless song it sings….

Amazing grace! Their parched voices still sing
Hoping on a tomorrow with no promise of tomorrow
Amazing grace! The song the angels did also sing!
For once their voices would surely lead them home
Breaking off the shackles of oppression and slavery
Someday they would again be re-bound in love
Away from pains and the chains of captivity
Someday, even the chains will dance to the sweet song of freedom!

Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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