This is probably stale for some but for a lot who have never heard of it, yes! She did marry a Tower! – THE EIFFEL TOWER.

Erika La Tour Eiffel in 2007 legally took the name of a Tower– an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris “The City of Love”, after officially tying the knot with it at a gathering of friends.

Erika, a one-time U.S soldier and resident of San Francisco described her attraction for the tower:  “I am the Berlin Wall. Hate me, try to break me apart, but I will still be here, standing.” She continued saying “I just don’t understand how some people can bring someone into the world like a child – an object – and then not love them”.

Just like everyone else, Erika has a story, her reason for being the way she is. Growing up, she was allegedly sexually abused by her half-brother, years after which she was diagnosed with a chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. However, Erika who has claimed to be very much okay with the way she is regardless of how the world sees her, strongly pledged to love, honour and obey the tower as seen in the Iconic picture of her hugging the wall (Below post)

There are other women who have also been reported to have this kind of affection for inanimate objects. The Eiffel Tower will however not be Erika’s “first love” as she had previously been in love with a Lance (a bow) that helped her win world championship in archery, before she got attached to the Eiffel tower also known as The Berlin Wall.

What could this problem, perhaps a disorder be associated with? Does it have a name?

Of course! , it is known as “Objectum Sexual”. Objectum Sexual, a name which was put together by Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer who was married to the wall in the early 1970’s as dated in a documentary. With the help of Debbie Mandel, writer and author of “Addicted to Stress” and renowned psychologist Dorothea Hover-Kramer, a deeper insight of this behaviour has been given.

Debbie Mandel explains that marriage is about intimacy and vulnerability; however, these women have chosen not to be vulnerable, and have rather picked these powerful symbols to show, “I don’t need a man. It can be in my brain. It’s brain sex.” All of which resonates from a subconscious kind of anger.

Dorothea Hover-Kramer also agrees that Objectum Sexuals struggle with forming a relationship, which may be why they resort to objects, excessively forming attachments with them.


we see them everyday……..
It could be a friend, a neighbor or a co-worker like dami (see 3 previous posts “MY FRIEND HAS GONE INSANE” )

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Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


  1. Yeah, heard of this before. but Dami is nothing like thèse women. they chose strong iconic objects that if thèse objects happen to be human, they would be intimidating to other men. but our Dami on d other hand chose a wollen sack of fluffy feathers sewn together. how less vulnérable could u possibly be?
    thé men arent left alone though. Thérè are those who form some sort of sexual intimacy with their cars and mechanical gadgets. mecophiles they are called. Edward Smith is a classical example. he’s had sex with over a thousand cars, y et hé has a girlfriend, a Volkswagen beetle car hé named vanilla. hé claims they are in an open relationship. whats open about thé relationship when only one individual has thé free lance to stick his godknowswhat into any exhaust pipe, leaving thé poor ‘vanilla’ remaining faithful in d ‘relationship’.


  2. Hahaha! This comment is Epic! Its crazy. I feel “Dami’s” is no exception because they are all replacing these objects into tools of deriving sexual pleasure and satisfaction which in the totality of it all, remains a big disorder. I had not read about Edward Smith’s own until now and I think I find his more problematic and interesting! Haha Perhaps it should be the next weird story on the blog! These weird stories are endless…


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