Beautifully Imperfect


Her tears flowed endlessly,
Masqueraded by a facade of smiles
Her confidence, torn away
Lost to the scorching hands of endless expectation
She slowly chokes, chokes on her own breath
Her only comfort is the charade she creates
The charade of a perfect world
Her charade of heart felt smiles and heart throbbing laughter
Something, just anything to lock away the stares and expectations
Her beauty, masked behind a cluster of fear and pain
Wrinkled by endless anxiety
Her fruitless yearn for acceptance and perfection
Enveloped in a search for inner happiness and tranquility
Blinded by these endless charades
She fails to realize that these are all but vanity
The acceptance, the quest for “perfection”
She fails to realize what really matters
She doesn’t see that she is already beautiful
She is beautiful because she is ugly
She is flawless in spite of her scars
She is perfect because she is imperfect
She tells a story, a beautiful story.


Written by: dennisa dennis (@elexadennis)


photo credit:

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