‘Because a praying mind is constantly on bent knees


For some, praying means kneeling down in a quiet corner and enclosing one’s thoughts and emotions in a profound communication with God, for some too it could mean that spiritual observance of quietness spent meditating, perhaps with some exercise like yoga, nature observing etc. For a whole lot, the entire concept of prayer would mean the throat-splitting, roof-cracking, sky-thundering (name it) kind of prayer!

But as much as we tear our voices apart trying to be heard by the heavens, how often do we engage our minds in that quiet observance of prayer? How often do we pour on our souls that sweet fragrance that comes with silent meditation? How often do we actually see God in everything around us and take time to appreciate these free gifts? Praying should come effortlessly, fluently, naturally, it should not seem or feel rehearsed so much that if it doesn’t conform to the kind and style of the kind of prayers we hear around us; we can’t consider it a prayer. These are limitations of praying which makes it difficult most often to pray. Limiting oneself to one style of praying or one position or mood of praying makes it more than difficult to actually have that heart to heart communication with God.

What happens when the body is weak but the mind is willing? What happens when you’re in a meeting or a social gathering where you can’t pray out? A quick signal is sent to the mind that there is not a chance to pray! But it should not be so. Our attitude towards praying should not be a “thug-of-war” between our body, mind and soul and it should not be decided by our environment. Whether you are in a kneeling position, standing, taking a walk on the lawn, at a meeting, in a class, you can actually speak to God, because He listens! Whether you’re reciting from a book or praying with a sacramental (The Rosary or Tasbih), what matters is that the heart is found appealing to God and you have faith strong enough to believe that He’s right there tending to your heart’s worries. God hears the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.

The mind is like a vacuum that readily feeds on whatever is put into it. When the mind is filled with the buzz and rants of the environment, it feeds on it. Likewise, when the mind is occupied with silent prayer and meditation, it leaves a breath of fresh air on the soul! When the mind stays prayed up in and out of mood, position and form of prayer, the mind constantly appears to God on bent knees and He answers. All you have to do is to just pray!


“I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind.” – 1st Corinthians 14:15


Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)



2 thoughts on “‘Because a praying mind is constantly on bent knees

  1. I believe praying is a very important part of our lives. I am sure god helps every body irrespective of there actions
    But, praying is not just communicating with god or thanking god
    it is about begining a new day with the blessings of god . This new begining include correcting yourself to be a better friend.family member, citizen.

    Every one is one there knees when they are praying because they are indirectly asking god to correct there ways and methods of life. This is what I think about praying.

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