Who Hears? (In Dedication to the Missing Chibok girls)


Their eyes are sore with misery
Voices are thorn from screaming
Hearts are pounding in great fury
The skies hang up silent and weary

Enslaved by the hungry ravens
Over two hundred blameless souls
Before the jaws of death they raise their hopes
That they may return safely to their homes

Awake all night their tears trudge
Awake all day sniffing in damp shroud
Like a churchyard lay the lonely town of chibok
The big government remain yet unperturbed

In darkness once again another story is told
Of the innocent whose blood is squashed
Slayed and cooked up in galled blood
And not a whisper could be heard!

But there was a country?
A nation bound in freedom, peace and unity
I know a country turned community
Of chaos and blood, of fear and frailty

Are not wars for the living?
Never was it for the dead a nation’s building
Are not voices for the living?
But when they cry out, who really does hear?


Dedicated to the missing Chibok girls, their aggrieved families and the entire loss of innocent lives in Nigeria. The bloodshed is alarming! The chaos keeps multiplying day by day. What is the government doing? Who will bring back our light? Who will bring back our smiles? The country is going insane!

#bringbackourgirls #bringbackourpeace 


Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

3 thoughts on “Who Hears? (In Dedication to the Missing Chibok girls)

  1. It’s indeed very sad as it is most unfortunate some members of our society have turned beasts and taken up terrorism as a way of life, maiming innocent souls and commanding infamous attention. While we all suffer the harrowing trauma of losing our loved ones to the scourge of Boko Haram, voices are raised against the government for a seeming inaction in the face of the spate of the dastardly acts of a cursed sect. Yet, I wonder exactly what answer we seek from the government when we ask what they are doing. Is it to hear them divulge their counter -terrorist plans? I want to believe government is doing its best to checkmate these ruthless devils called BH. Atleast, I have witnessed airstrikes on BH’s strong hold by our government in the past. Just as the US government was vindicated when it caught up with Osama Bin laden, 10 yrs after he over-saw the disaster in America. Also until we all learn to see ourselves as part of the government and take up the responsibility of securing our own lives, then , then BH will continue to have its way. God help Nigeria


  2. Thanks for your insightful comment Luciano. Yes, Its indeed very sad. There has been protests here and there regarding this same issue but what we see are recurring situations if not worse. The government might have made an attempt to look into the Boko Haram insurgency but then let’s admit it, they have not done enough! To say we need to take up responsibility of securing our own lives is also affirming that the government is as good as useless, then why do we have them there? Are the security systems in the country not strong enough to protect its citizens? How long will the Boko Haram occurrences continue to be a threat to the safety of Nigerians? In my belief, we are a part of the government only as far as the “big government” decide to be a part of us.


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