Magic in Her Fingers

 10656788-elderly-woman-knitting-a-sock-on-the-needles (1)

Underneath the scotching sun, she sits with her crotchets
With swamps of piercing hums, beneath her every breathe
About to craft another stroke of genius
With wool and pins and some magic fingers
Of Men, unknowing of the fabric they wear
And kids’, pacing about the place in colorful wears
She makes such beauties— with the magic in her fingers!

In and out, In and out
She works her fingers from west to east
Her sharp pale eyes blurred out with dreams
Merrily joining and stitching, seam to seam
Fat loopy yarns, repeatedly dancing around her legs
And she would raise her chin in pride and toss her silky hair
Carefully telling a story —with the magic in her fingers!

As unskilled and overlooked though the job,
It lit up her soul and to her heart restored joy
Patched-up torn tissues, seamlessly weaving broken dreams
Turned a lonely spot to a land of over-flooding stream
Hand spinning not for the joy of bread or the rich man’s change
With every wiggle and toss of the loopy ball a role she’d played
Living life in simplicity with nothing but — the magic in her fingers!

The sun set and darkness wrapped her knees
She spun and spun with so much energy in her wrist
Mingling colors— unruffled pink and green, blue and white
For this world of gloom and strife you can only but survive
Imitating the simplicity of the yarns and the resilient pins
Together, in harmony, they make of themselves a masterpiece
And she was only a teacher with nothing but — the magic in her fingers!

Little drops of sunshine and a life of colors
Sweaters, jumpers, stockings with shimmering furs
Borne from happy hands and wiggly pretty fabrics
Oh child! Whatever you do, throw out your zeal
Let the passion run through like the cheery wool and pins
Forgetting not the needs of another in your quest for prime
Together, we can all heal the world with— the magic in our fingers!


Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


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