Forlorn Faces

Wilted Rose

Night like a knight
dressed in velveteen regalia
Ubiquitous stars
moving regally in the Night sky
Shadows of trees
moving rhythmically to the sounds of the rapturous wind.
Urchins lost on the streets of Lanlate.
The world has left them behind
throwing them into an abyss of sorrow.
Forlorn Faces contorted into screams
nothing but echoed dreams
blown away by ominous winds
Their bodies tattooed with scars of survival.
Only a modicum of hope left within the confines
of their ill-fated hearts!
Somewhere in Lanlate,
the half moon pours out its silvery rays
to guide their footsteps home.

Written by: Omosomisola Oyeshola

Editor’s Note: Inspired by “Lanlate”; a rural region with a small population in Oyo state, Nigeria.


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