“Go to school”, they’d said!


Go to school, they’d said
The only way to become wise like the old greyed
Dinning and chattering with the elite and learned
Of men and of women, be the rarest of your kind
That at the mention of your name, all must abide!

Go to school, they’d said
Go get the finest of the grades
Oh! that your scroll be ignited with outrageous A’s
And your certificate may shimmer in glittering success
If only to the opposite sex, you turn a blind eye!

Go to school, they’d said
These are rock hard times
A book is the best friend of only the wise
Beware of friendly woes and the likes
Curious legs with time get overcooked in fire

Go to school, they’d said
The many counsels of my mother and father
And so I thought, should this cause to ponder or bother?
The fear that I may not live up to their prospects
Of what then will be my fate and possible defense?

To school I went and strived,
Page after page, every night a candle I burned
Swindling in excellence and good remarks
For the final lap, I’d laid down good tracks
Crossing all hurdles till my final send forth!

Go to school, they’d said
With shimmering certificates you’d be at top place
Meetings to meetings, suit and tie, presidential handshakes
Only then perturbed on where to bank your millions
But they forgot to add one thing, – they lied!

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd

Inspired by The Creative Writers Association

Written by: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


9 thoughts on ““Go to school”, they’d said!

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  2. wow……#d truth…I don’t blame the for lying they were only preparing us for the war front called labour market nd they didn’t know dat d economy will be dz bad….✘✘

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