What really is Life?



The struggle of knowing who we truly are and the purpose of our existence in this ever evolving world is most often a phase we all happen to go through at some point or the other in our lives. Many live to figure it out, a lot of others just go with the flow and just adapt to whatever comes. The question yet remains -“What really do you stand to represent”?

This is a question that arises in our minds more times than we care to unravel. Every once in a while, that empty and confused feeling of in-existence just rubs on you. Even the most successful people on earth feel lonely lost and confused every once in a while, and that’s just normal! After all, it is a lonely world.

Life can neither be planned nor controlled by man. Since life is a journey– not some kind of robotic stroll, only vision makes the journey worthwhile. One without vision is as good as dead! The struggle to attain one’s dreams, visions, and aspirations is what actually gives us that sense of purpose.

Different people have their different ideologies about life. Some see it as a game; some kind of competition, and so they gamble their way through it. Some see it as a joke; you know, the “YOLO” people who believe “Life is too short”, so every bit of it should be spent being crazy! And then we have the super robotic ones who just move through the motions. These ones just believe; whatever happens, happens!

Whatever your ideology of life, the truth is life is not a bed of roses. It never has and never will be. It’s never going to be all fun or happiness all the way. You will feel anger and pain, disappointments and frustrations, and everything else in-between. And that’s just life! What matters is your ability to able to stop to enjoy the smell of roses on the way, be happy through it all, exert your vision into a life that will bear fruits, be spontaneous and most of all, be kind!

When you look back at how far you’ve come, you should be able to smile because in the end life is just what it is– Life!

Written by: Dennisa Dennis (@elexadennis)

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