Prophesies foretold at the dawn of shame
Beside the river, beyond the shore of tempting fears
Dragging our heart down the dusty aisle of hope-
Kitan!  Black is beautiful.

Remember the tales they told before
those they shared during crooked dusk
Stupored our heart with a wine of reasoning
Sending gaiety down our tortured spines.
Kitan!! Black is beautiful.

Memories of a haunted hut humming hopeful hymns
Sets our city ablaze with the fire of superfluous sorries
For our homeland, the citadel of burnt epidermis
caused by the heat birthed by the noontime sahara sun
Kitan- Black is painful, too!

We hold dear these memories,
at the funeral of our mother, kulture
who lost her life to the looting of our homeland
by the extravagant men with flashy skins

“This is the grave of the woman
Who was once rich and loved by her people.
She died of loneliness”-
was the inscription on her grave, engraved by gullible hearts.
Kitan- Black is cruel.

So we shall display foreign goods
On the dusty paths to the market place;
Singing borrowed song graced with stolen dances
At the coronation of our kings.

So we are free from the claws of custom
tying our hands with the cuffs of restriction.
we shall swim to the tide of forbidden rivers
Eating incest as a dessert to quench bored  tongues.

Aduke can follow Awelewa to dark corridors
Catching the glimpse of passion xylemed down taboo’s spine
Ajani and Ayanfe too can join to make foursome
in a game only bi-clustered hearts must play
Kitan- Black became lust

Beauty became a burning bait
For the gods to catch cheating men
with thunderbolts wanking acrobatic moves
on the mat of a thousand lust

Cowries became the alluring hook
that calls the heart of naked flesh
off the path to the village square
To the rites of forsaken riches.

Kitan- tales of beauty were once told in our land
A virgin once defiled is no more one
Wrinkles of civilization stole the breeze off our nights
leaving us with playlist to dance to on the soil of shame

Pray for your homeland
for there seem to be no route
off this path of endless doom

Written by: Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau © tohquality

4 thoughts on “Kitan!

  1. This is so beautiful and very inspirational. such a beautiful words, remind me of the Nigerian woman. I have come to find out that Nigeria women are strong and confidence, God bless all women out there.


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