Life Never Gets Tired


Yesterday, the world was like a toddler
Today, became an adolescent wanderer
Future; holds maturity yet, to us unseen
While we stay in awe, life forever goes on

Man, yesterday lost his job, jilted by wife
Suicide the plan B to avoid coming strife
Leaves of opportunity become withered crops
While life goes on and on and never stops

Agog youth, burnt candles to secure his right
Education system was bad; employment’s worse
City becomes the lesson ground for geography
As life ardently continues without been weary

The dandy you saw yesterday on the street
Came home drenched after long walk in sweat
Hoping for a better day for his certificate
Still in his optimism, life goes on with his state

The lady you saw taking the whore’s role
Once believed in tomorrow today as her goal
Her last service allowance was the last salary
Life goes on even when her faith got so weary

Here is another promising relationship
Seeming to last; “I’ll never leave this ship”
While adoring herself; quitting alert received
To her, life continues even when grieved

Disappointment bangs on you like basketball
You lost hope, even trust to agents of gall
To give another try; echoes of yesteryears
Oh! Life enjoys all her moments while it lasts

Voices that rant in your heart are: dejected,
Not qualified, unfortunate, not connected…
Making up the lyrics of your songs of sorrow
You’ve forgotten life needs light in her hollow

Will you wilfully wallow in wasteful thoughts?
While life still offers more than second chance?
Shall we jail yesterday because today failed us?
Life never gets tired touring in cycle for her circus

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
―Robert Frost

Written By:  James Ademuyiwa Iredele @James_Ademuyiwa

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