Do Yourself A Favor: Mind Your Own Business!


“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands” 1 Thess: 4:11

You see, the phrase “Mind your business” has been given too many interpretations which most often or never have ended up as friendly. But I tell you, when you’re being reminded to mind your own business, accept such reminder with so much wholeness of the heart because whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, whoever tells you to mind your business has shown some type of care. Yes! Because when you mind your business, you do it for you and not for them. There’s so much gracefulness that comes with minding one’s own business, I tell you!

It’s so much pity that we end up going through life learning to mind every other person’s business but ours. How much we love ourselves!

Here’s the catch, when you mind your business, you have less to worry about, less to think about, your ears and your heart is protected from hearing and conceiving those “gross, ridiculous and unimaginable” things that go on in people’s lives (as we like to see it) and we have so much space to worry about our own selves. On the other hand, when you mind the businesses of others, you feel restless, unfocused, disillusioned, and disheartened. Quite frankly, time is never even enough to worry about our own businesses, not to talk of others’.

You don’t need to know those “Insider details” about people’s lives. If you’ve long been snooping–stop it! Refuse to entangle yourself in anything so short of your business, my dear. Block your ears from the gossips, babbles, rumours and bickering that have not “begged” for your attention. Yes, if it hasn’t keep moving! And even if it craves your attention, yes you may give it a little of your analytical jargons and words of wisdom but still you must keep moving and bear in mind to “remember to not forget to Mind your own precious business”. Yes, your business is too precious to be paid less attention to over the buzz of another man’s life.

Well, by nature, gossips are so sweet!

I’d be realistic here. It’s actually so hard to block your ears to all the juicy information you get about people, from people. It’s what you do with it that matters! When you sit with gossipy peers and you spin and spun information about others, until you make loathsome dresses out of it and begin to sell for meagre profits of more detestable laughter and scorn to entertain your already septic and gullible minds about the life of another, wouldn’t you have placed on yourself so much unpaid workload? – When you could have easily minded your own pretty business.

It becomes amazing how; those things you heard, in the end may not even be true. But once you have sold your pretty ugly dresses to a bunch of gullible others, adding more labels to what you already heard, what would you then care about the truth? Here I’d say, if you must meddle in the business of others and sell to others, make pretty wears instead! Have some dignity and spread factual information. If you got so much time to manage your business and that of others, invest the time in doing a proper research of your meddling and tell tales of nothing but the truth that you know. Then you would have utilised your time properly.

Unfortunately, more than a habit, it’s actually a sickness for some that perhaps stemmed from an overdose of an “anti-mind-my-business” tablet. These ones take it upon themselves to feel in charge of everyone’s business. They stroll around with the weight of the world on their shoulders, concentrating ostensibly on how to control the planet. But you must remember, everyone, no matter how stupid is fit enough in dealing with their own businesses. Relax.

We’re meant to be friends right? And friends help one another to grow. So I’d repeat “Do yourself a favour and mind your own business”. Some choice of friends can be infectious. For your own life’s sake, choose to cut off the entanglement you have with them that makes you so disposed to the negative sides of others, and if you must hang on, figure out how much measure of gossipy liquor you will be served, whilst maintaining your own logical sense of reasoning. No your input is not always needed, you’re not always required to give counsel on how things ought to or ought not to be– You’re not the controller of the universe! My friend, it’s graceful to laugh if you may but in the end, keep mute or walk away gracefully.

Where do you draw that pretty line between your business and that of others?

That quietness inside of you that reminds you constantly that absence of respect towards one’s self begins by neglecting your own self and prioritizing the affairs of others over yours. When you get to that line, save yourself and the world the damage, twitch your nose a little and come back home!



“The hardest part about business is minding your own”– Drake

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

12 thoughts on “Do Yourself A Favor: Mind Your Own Business!

  1. Am I to mind my business and just walk away or can I leave a comment?(I already have. LOL. ) Anyway, I think in this part of the world, where one is so much into the communal way of life, it really is hard for people to mind their business. Everyone wants to be everyone’s brother/sister (and would want to take this “Be your brother’s keeper” stuff to a whole new level). As a result, they tend to be restless and inquisitive as to what’s going on with the other person, thus adding someone else’s burden to theirs. And when there is nothing coming from that end, what better way to keep the juice flowing than to spin tales?

    Then there are those who just want to play the “too good a friend” role in the lives of others. This could result in exaggerated show of affection or concern (which of course is feigned), thus, the carrying of another’s cross.

    And then there are those who just don’t have their priorities straight. Deliberately seeking for burdens to bear. Don’t know if its a form of penance or whatever. Just going after the log in people’s eye, and ignoring the splinter in theirs. Maybe it’s idleness or just plain misplacement of priorities.

    Whatever the reason, it’s paramount one learns to mind one’s business. Since over anxiety and ‘sweat’ over Mr X’s issue would only wear me out more quickly, and spinning yarns and having idle chats about others would only debase me and show how shallow minded I really am, I guess I would begin to mind my own business henceforth.

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    • Haha. You have said it all! Constructively, sarcastically and vehemently. And yeah, we not just live in a communal world but we’re also social beings who feed on the ever spinning information we get from our environment in order to survive. I guess that’s what keeps the globe alive, but drawing the line is what matters. Besides, being constructively inquisitive makes more sense than snooping, meddling or being plain nosey!

      You know, unless you’re getting paid for it, it’s not even worth the stress. Health is wealth! And since Minding one’s business is healthy, I better take an overdose of “Mind-my-business” pills. ^_^


  2. Wow! Well constructed, yea those that spend time on people’s issues leaving theirs to suffer, I hope u are able to grab something from this beautiful piece. God bless u my dear

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