You Heard of the Ugandan Baby That Got Brutally Beaten By a Maid? I Did Too!

What is wrong with the world?

It was a quiet Saturday, some days ago when the outrageous news of the despicable Ugandan maid brutally assaulting a one year old baby girl went viral, swirling over all the social networks and online platforms…

I was enraged and in absolute silence.

The video showed a Ugandan house maid by the name Jolly Tumuhirwe as she goes all violent, subjecting baby Arnella Kamanzi to a horrific beating whilst feeding her. She further throws her to the ground after she had vomited her food, beating her with a torch, placing her foot on the little girl’s torso and eventually, kicking her so hard across the floor. The little girl heaved off an ear-splitting and painful cry as the maid recklessly drags her away with one hand.

And that’s as far as the short clip goes! The one which uncovers this gruesome and malicious behaviour as taken from a CCTV cam implanted in the house. This troubling video got me wondering how heartless and inhumane people could be to the point of exploiting a little child’s life.

“According to family sources, Kamanzi , the father came home and found some bruises on the baby’s hind. He did not ask what happened but he hastily went to review the cameras which, he had taken long to monitor. This was last Saturday November 15th 2014. Raged to the marrow, Kamanzi bounced on Tumuhirwe and clobbered her to pulp. Done with it, he turned to tend to the baby as Tumuhirwe ran to police where, she reported an assault case against her Master Kamanzi. The Kiwatule police swung into action, raided Kamanzi’s home and arrested him. He promptly confessed to the charge before he was dragged to cells. After cooling down, Kamanzi asked the Cops to look at what made him clobber the maid. A mere look at the video changed the cop’s stance and released Kamanzi” Read more at

Charged with an initial maximum penalty of 15 years in jail, the house help was further placed on medical tests and was established to be a person of sound mind. The charge against her was therefore amended to attempted Murder upon re-perusal by the Resident State Attorney. Tumuhiirwe will re-appear in court on December 8 and is currently in Luzira Prison in Kampala.

In the course of this whole saddening news, what beats me the most is the fact the little girl’s mother who is said to be out of work was not there to tend to her baby.

Domestic violence between spouses? -That we’re used to fighting against! But domestic violence from a maid to a little child is definitely out of the context. It’s just plain evil!

It’s the danger the working class parents are faced with– leaving their children in the hands of maids to take care of which ends up exposing their children to all sorts of abuse and most often, indecent behaviour which the child ends up learning at a very tender age. But then, even with it’s down-sides, the of idea of having maids and nannies have shown that since working class parents cannot afford the time to always be there to take care of some domestic duties, the service of helpers cannot be overlooked, they are still needed.

It’s good therefore that before parents, (especially mothers) delegate their parental duties to helpers, they take maximum care in assessing their needs for a helper first and then the helper in question! There have been bizarre cases of evil domestic helpers who have even taken the lives of children that have been placed in their care. Parents should also run a check on such maid– from medical to criminal and background check and in fact, all types of check of the new helper. For all you know, you just might be employing a total lunatic!

Finally, having a house help should not in any way waive parental responsibilities! For the good helps who come in good faith, the child still suffers it since the whole mother-child emotional attachment moves totally to the maid, hence the child has no closeness with the true mother. Now we don’t know what caused the girl to behave the way she did and she has no justification either but from the mistreatment of house helps today, we must remember that they are human beings too, and should be treated with love and respect so innocent children don’t get to pay the price of vengeance from enraged maids who unfortunately may not have a conscience!

For rumours that have it that the little girl is dead, the pretty little rose is still alive and very much in good hands! I only wonder how many other innocent children will be as lucky as arnella to survive such heinous crime. Still I wonder, how many of these crimes have public awareness been raised for?




9 thoughts on “You Heard of the Ugandan Baby That Got Brutally Beaten By a Maid? I Did Too!

  1. In fact, when I heard of the news, I just couldn’t fathom what could make a human do such to an innocent baby! For crying out loud, what has d world turn into?! A baby, not an adult being treated in such horrendous way…My God…hmmm. This is just too inhuman! And to think that’s what’s going on in major homes where both parents are working class! Something sure needs be done!!! And Fast! Thanks Nonye, for sharing…

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    • Yes dear, people need to know more of the dangers of submitting their children totally to the care of helpers. No child deserves any form of ill-treatment whatsoever. It is the duty of every member of the society to uphold the rights of children.


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  3. I cried after i finished watching the video and couldn’t even sleep that night. Never knew we still have such wicked people in our world today. What could have prompted such an act towards a child? Innocent child at that.(She knows better i guess) Thank God the baby id alive and i hope parents get to see this clip and make out time out of no time to take care of their own and treat their maids like their own also so the kids dont get to suffer what they know nothing about. If parents dont take care of their kids, who will? Well done Nonye.

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    • “Make out time out of no time”. Very well said. Hopefully baby Arnella’s case is a wake up call for parents who have not figured out how to make out time out of the “no-times”. Theres no excuse for carelessness regarding parents responsibility towards the safety of their children.


  4. My dear that was evil, I thank God for saving the innocent baby from the hands of the monster maid, it’s also a lesson to those women that leave their children at the mercy of nannies /maids

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