We Are Both Wrong!


We are Kings,
Unchecked and grander,
God wanted it,
Before we abused His standards

Those that crawled, flew, walked,
Growing from the earth,
Food is scarce and there’s no luck,
So we shoot, trap and fire

Turned ‘life’ to ‘lifeless’,
We became evil,
Solace is in lack and dearth…
After all, we were Kings

A thing with us is: ‘we kill’,
Shunning wisdom and thought,
Else, we’d have realized the drift,
‘We are’, but now ‘we were’, there’s no but

Next to those sins…
Were sentence,
Relieving our ruler-ship,
At best, we must now allow equivalence

Live and let live,
Pay the price of disobedience alone,
Not affecting others being,
Why should we kill, if we shouldn’t eat?

Wait! but you also resort to the graze,
In lieu of the grazer,
Not deeming their coming days,
How do you expect them to be alive?

We are both wrong,
We complete your impious,
Take their means of livelihood & support,
And we take their lives for food & soups.

**Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are both wrong, bio-diversity is not limited to the beasts or living creatures alone, it includes the vegetation as well. The former consume vegetation and the latter consumes the beasts. If the former is truly right, they should not consume what the creatures depends on to survive or blame what the latter is engaged in, since they started the assault on wildlife generally…**


Written by: GBENGA ODUGBEMI (An ardent Writer and Lawyer)


Countdown to the #12DaysofChristmas Poetry Challenge! : 6 days to go! Write up! only a few spaces left! As you know, from the 14th-25th Dec, we will be sipping from the cups of some of the worlds awesome poets, that is You!…..send in your submissions ASAP!

It’s going to be a December to remember!

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