The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (2)

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” – William James

Bad attitude

“Everyone has a mental state of mind that makes them focus on their position in life. That is what attitude is about. It’s that vantage point of view which determines our perspective towards situations in life and empowers us to translate such perspective into reality. The entire skeleton of our thoughts go a long way in determining what position we see our lives.

Welcome to December, a month of re-evaluation and changes! As you begin the 10th day of the last month of the year, I dare you to re-visit your attitude towards your life!…”

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Attitude-type-4: The Manipulative Attitude
A person can either be a positively influential person and another, a total control-freak!–both of who will possess the same manipulative trait. It all bothers on the motive used in getting people to doing what you want them to do for you. When You begin to use tools such as emotional blackmail, force and the likes to get people to doing something you would rather not do yourself and in such a way that suggests that your needs are more vital than theirs, you have a manipulation problem and you need to work on it! Gauge the motives of your action and understand that people have the right to sometime turn down your requests, and when they do, respect their decisions!

According to Dr. Lisa Holland “When you are manipulating or emotionally blackmailing people to get your needs or wants satisfied, you run the risk of ultimately alienating or pushing people away. They may finally realize that you are capable of doing whatever it was that they did for you and resent you in the end”

Attitude-type-5: The fastest Jumper 
According to Dan Chaon, “a conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking”

– Don’t Jump!
Jumping into conclusion is a kind of adverse way of thinking which is common to those with depression and cognitive disorder or just “fastest jumpers” that must get the conclusion before the start. When faced with situations or in conversations with others, the mind tends to make conclusions with or without any truthful verification. And this is what happens when one jumps into conclusion–No valid evidence, hence, a bad conclusion!

The downside of jumping into conclusions, especially a bad one is that it all falls back on you. For example, hearing something awful that has been said about you– even without valid proof, a negative signal has already been sent which begins to round up negative conclusions about what others may be saying too which forms further thoughts and actions on the basis of that. Instead, take your time, listen in details, gather as much facts and decide (if and) how to approach the situation more tactfully!

Attitude-type-6: The Indecisive Attitude
The only bad decision is indecision, next to inaction!

Every day of our lives, we realize the need to take our stands on decisions, opinions, choices that must always vary but sometimes, we tend to get freaked out about making decisions for fear of making a bad decision. Hence, we rather choose to sit on the fence and maybe hope that our indecision will somehow amount to a decision. Just somehow! Would you then imagine how many bad choices you have made or are yet to make from not making a decision?

In every given situation, there are always practical and endless reasons to remain indecisive but there’s a distinction between weighing the conceivable outcomes of a decision and simply not being confident enough to even attempt and follow up on your own decision. Whatever the case may be, there’s always a consequence for indecision, one of which is watching that decision become someone else’s! However big or small the decision is, weigh your options, think it through, discuss it with someone, sleep over it but in the end, make sure you made one! – “If you don’t make the right decision, you can make the decision right.”

To be continued…

Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

Countdown to the #12DaysofChristmas Poetry Challenge! :3 days to go! Write up! Submission deadline:13th of Dec!…..


It’s going to be a December to remember!

8 thoughts on “The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (2)

  1. Excellent! We really nead to change from all form of Negativity and embrace everything positive. And to take a stand when it’s expected. Thanks Nonye, wonderful write-up as usual…

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