Pay the orgasms I’ve delayed!

‘We won’t have sex’,
Those were my words and bet,
Even though nature’s set,
There are stuffs we could get…
To avoid sex and the rest,
My thoughts I can’t forget,
I remembered then,
Gods’ word rang in them…
Those who take His words dear.

Can it be a mistake?
A mislead or a thought, so fake,
That I trusted the words of my Make,
Not to commit adultery and its shake,
I live a flawless life, but today…
Walked amidst regrets, compunction and shame!
I was waiting till my Marriage in May,
When he would to me, pay,
The orgasms I’ve delayed.

And although allies suggests,
And siblings hoped and stressed…
That I should allow sex,
When we’re courting and friends,
I should allow ‘natures-tempt’,
Then, I just thought it’s not the best
After all, he appears like a het,
Especially when I’m wet…
I just don’t want to test.

Today is the night of our conjugal,
The key to liberation, I’d be liberal,
Control will stop, with denial,
Nature’s call I’d answer…
After all, it has always been my desire,
Just that I’m in disavowal…
Of intercourse, entirely and all kinds.
But this night, one truth fired…
My man is impotent!

Written by: GBENGA ODUGBEMI (Ardent writer and Lawyer)

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5 thoughts on “Pay the orgasms I’ve delayed!

  1. Not nice at all. Feeling for her. She has waited patiently after all this while in vain. Still good she obeyed the voice of God. To the writer i ask…..would you advice we follow her steps and face something like this or do it just to be sure our partners are okay? Thanks


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