DAY 8 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “On This Night” by Angelbert Chikere


On the 8th day of Christmas, Angelbert Chikere brings you:

“Unto us a child is born.”

In might and humility
You came…

In the flapping hands and feet
…of innocence

The wind, the star, the night
The darkening eve’ that saw the light

…a child is born

Growing ages that looked forward
To this night that brings peace inward

On this special night…
…which is not just a moment in time
But a break of eternity into time…

…The Child is born

On this night, still and quiet…
Bringing delight to human plight

…The Saviour is born

On this night, when might renounced strength
…and renounced wealth
And tossed in that swaddling cloth…
That kept away straw and hay
…and questioned its worth…

The Maker in the made’s skin…
The Creator becomes His creature’s kin
…the Creator in the hands of His creature

On this very night
…that stretches into events called Christmas
Humility is announced…
As Divinity seemed renounced


Angelbert Chikere (@angelchikere

Contestant #8 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Angelbert! 🙂

40 thoughts on “DAY 8 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “On This Night” by Angelbert Chikere

  1. Nice poem. Rich in context, pithy wordings, nice figures of speech, very ad rem to the occasion but the complexity of form or lack of form reduces the enjoyment one gains from it as a poem. But in all u are good.

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  2. I am not surprise at this stupendous masterpiece ‘brotherly’.’Because, I always know your worth and your capability. Nice one dear. Good luck!


  3. Angel, you write as fluent as you speak. Like you always say, “…make poetry to be what every mind can chew.” – my mind has chewed this and it has blossomed my Christmas.

    More. Feed us more.


  4. Angelbert my brother! You’ve inspired me and my homily. Permit me to use it for the congregation!! No plagiarism! I will site you! Hahahahahahaaaaa — Keep using your talents!


  5. This is a complete new look at the reality of the incarnation. You have opened our eyes to the sacrifice made by Christ as he took human form. The poem is a lovely piece to read and an inspirational work to reflect on.


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  7. You have a great poem among the other twelve. It’s style is different, message direct, shot compact words with deep meaning, when connected with the other words… Saw and followed the link from facebook and I don’t regret reading through 12 good poems! Well done


  8. You just made me revisit my “Christmas” events. This is so so deep! Great poem. This is in a class of it’s own! Thanks for sharing this with us all.


  9. I can recall your rhyme in school as a little boy and decades later, you stand up strong with your love for poetry! This is a master reflection for CHRISTMAS, Angelbert.


  10. You build your POEMS… It flows, with DEEP meaning, symbols and punch-lines!

    “Unto us a child is born”

    …a child is born (small letter C)

    …The Child is born (“The” & big letter C)

    …The Saviour is born (defined)

    You make Poetry easy and fluent even for non-literature lovers like us.


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