Recap & Update Of The #12daysofChristmas Poetry Challenge – We Have A Winner soon!

The Peregrine Reads

Hello Peregrine family,

Hope your hearts are glowing with the glistening and lustrous feeling of the season? It’s a season that reminds us of the love and care that we must share with one another. I trust that you are sharing the delight of the season positively for a brighter and happier world!

On the 14th of December, we began our 12 days Journey of Creative Poetry, indulging in the beauty and vicissitudes of Christmas. We have had 12 absolutely Amazing poets fill our minds and enrich us by broadening with their various forms and styles of writing. It has indeed been so much fun sharing all of their beautiful poetry packages with you my readers! How beautiful is poetry!

The contest came to a beautiful end on the 25th, Christmas day with our DAY 12 Poem “Hope of the season”. Our 12 poets have shared their beautiful packages with us and we have warmly received it and tapped some inspiration from their fountain of knowledge! What will the final arbiter be? Which of the 12 contestants will deserve the position as winner of The 2014 Peregrine Reads Poetry Challenge?

The ball is in your courts now readers! It’s up to you to decide who has really entertained you with their succinct or flowery literary style. The floor is open from now till the 30th of December for you to keep your contestant by using the voting stars, comment box and shares buttons to gain them some more points.

In the meantime, the judges have begun their own assessment of each poem. The general overview of each poem will be accessed based on creative grammatical usage of expressions, figures of speech, imageries created, fluidity and effective structuring of poem. Based on these criteria and the general performance of each contestant’s poem on their given days, a contestant will emerge winner!

On the 1st of January, the winner will be announced on the blog and arrangements will be made for the winner to be awarded a Christmas gift prize as promised.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been following up on the contest from DAY1-DAY12, here’s another chance to catch up! Follow each link to read and vote for your best poet with your likes, shares and comments.

#DAY1 “What is Christmas”? by Newton Samson

#DAY2 “Healing Magic” by Abiodun Awodele

#Day3 “One Perfect christmas” by Bello Adekunbi

#Day4 “My Love” by Okon Bassey

#Day5 “Christmas Cheer” by Chisom Xavier Ajufo

#Day6 “The Ideal Christmas” by Adetoyese Odekunbi

#Day7 “Something about winter” by Jane Karina

#Day8 “On this Night” by Angelbert Chikere

#Day9 “Peaceful Innocence” by Alex ChornyJ

#Day10 “Incomplete” by Adetimilehin Vicadex Inioluwa

#Day11 “My very own christmas Promise” by kingsley-stevens Obi

#Day12 “Hope of the season” by Moc Madu

Once again, general voting officially ends on the 30th of December, and on the 1st of January, we’d have a winner!

Our #12daysofchristmas Poetry challenge could not have been fun and successful without you! Before it officially comes to a final wrap, I Wish you much joy and satisfaction this season and all through the New Year.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

–‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

**Quick one: Which of the contestants is your ideal winner and why? I’d love to read your views!**

Your views are warmly welcome! :)

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