Not A Love Song…


How do I even begin?
Is it the myriad emotions that I feel when I see you?
Or the sharp gush of blood that runs to my face when I hear your voice?
Is it the way my brain passionately analyses even the most random of actions?

You seem to never notice the quick but deep glances I steal,
The way my day switches from gloomy to happy when you’re near
My awkward attempts at a joke, hoping for a laugh…
And the sad truth that you never do!

It gets tiring, caring from a distance,
Always trying to remain subtle,
I have a chat with reality every once a while,
Wishful thinking after all, can only get you so far!

Written By:  Dennisa Dennis (@elexadennis)

3 thoughts on “Not A Love Song…

  1. I may be dumb, I may be stupid. I may be naive, I may be ignorant. I may be shy, I may be too preoccupied to notice. whatever the case, call my attention to this emotional turmoil you feel within. still, I may be too deaf to hear. just make sure you scream pretty loud in my ear.

    Good work Dennisa. thumbs up!

    Liked by 1 person

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