The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (3)

“There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes” –William J. Bennett

Bad attitude

“Everyone has a mental state of mind that makes them focus on their position in life. That is what attitude is about. It’s that vantage point of view which determines our perspective towards situations in life and empowers us to translate such perspective into reality. The entire skeleton of our thoughts go a long way in determining what position we see our lives…”

As you begin the 29th day of the last month of the year, I dare you to re-visit your attitude towards your life!

“The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (1)
The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (2)

Attitude-type-7: The low self-esteem attitude:
“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Your self-esteem identifies with the extent to which you perceive or regard every string of yourself –qualities, aptitudes, achievements and everything. It is generally how you feel and think about yourself both positively and negatively. These thoughts and feelings then become a determinant factor on your attitude towards the decisions you take, how you relate with others, how you think others see you as a person and life in general!

As it goes, the more positive you feel about yourself, the higher your self-esteem and likewise the more negative feeling you breed about yourself, the lower your self-esteem. Individuals with low esteem would generally never feel sure about themselves, or their own ability as proficient. On the other hand, those with positive self-esteem would maintain a much more confident disposition towards themselves especially in such a competitive world where people constantly try to equate themselves with others.

With a low self-esteem, you replace the estimation of your own individuality and uniqueness with dissatisfaction and constant unhappiness. Devastate your inner-self with self-love!

Attitude-type-8: The Narcissistic attitude:
Narcissism is a Greek word from the Greek myth of Narcissus. It is an excessive, exaggerated and if you may, unnecessary mental enthrallment and over admiration of oneself. Narcissism is symptomized with egocentrism, self-centeredness, greed, vanity and the likes!

According to, “a narcissists is one who is totally absorbed in himself. The extreme narcissist is the centre of his own universe. To an extreme narcissist, people are things to be used”. Although narcissism is popularly aligned with psychological personality trait, some narcissist behaviour is just a typical, deliberate and an unhealthy attempt at survival of life.

A narcissist is plainly a self-loathed and materialistic person who can only survive with a grandiose image of power, achievements, wealth, false fame and the likes so much so that they forget to truly love themselves. Narcissists have that constant combat of self-emptiness that gives room for envy of others, threat of others competing with them and a painful dose of pride. In such position of pride, the narcissist likes to have make-believe that they are better than others and would normally dread criticisms since it hurts their false-self-image. Read more on the Behaviors and Attitudes of the Narcissist

Attitude-type-9: The Visionless attitude:
“A visionless person is a futureless person. Yes! For until/unless you’re a visionary you will hardly utilize/maximize the future ahead of you” – Emeasoba George

A visionless person is one who is generally scared of change. Life is a constant climb, push and pull, hold and thrust, and sometimes leap and fall! But some people are more scared of the leap even before the climb! Vision is what governs your direction and as such, it must be sharpened and bright enough to take you to your destination and a strong vision will ask –what, why, how, when. Since what you put out to the Universe is what you get back, a visionless attitude towards life is definitely a total disaster!


To be continued…

Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

7 thoughts on “The Attitude Types You Should Avoid In The Coming Year 2015! (3)

  1. Nice one Nonye. Low self esteem which finds manifestations in narcissistic attitude is a double-barreled attitude to be eschewed for a better 2015. Seems everyone is guilty to different degrees of that. DEVASTATING oneself with self love might leave the said self spoilt in Narcissism. Truth and positive attitud es seem to me better panacea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your insightful comment pere.

      Well too much of anything is destructive. Building one’s low-self-esteem into becoming a narcissist crunches the whole idea of self-love. Narcissism for me would be an extremist’s idea of self-love- Over-exaggerated and over-proportionalized.

      As with life, I believe everything is about finding a reasonable balance. That’s when the best results can be achieved.


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