Block 21…

Hong Kong habitat insalubre
Old and grey
Beaten out of way
Rooted like a tree trunk
With sapless and frail branches
In the company of rustic quarters
Governed by the filth of notorious trenches
Danger signals scribbled on all corners
Dirty fabrics on doors and balconies
Felonious bodies stuffed in sweatshirts though sunny
They sit and watch looking pale and forlorn
Deprived yet swollen with pride in the rear of the town
Secluded like many stands the famous “block twenty-one”

Backwards and void
Left behind the advanced world
Its inhabitants are no cream of the crop
Nor do they acquire any position at the top
Rather seen as infamous and appalling
Of course! Many at times they were guilty
Of misconduct learned at an early age
Constantly tried and held hostage
Later rebounding the streets with revenge
Beckoning on brothers on whom they solely depend
They recognise just their own societal class
The lucky ones though embrace fortune and in time surpass

Meddlesome and resentful
Their busy mouths pour down a mouthful
From the untamed teenager to the whorish mum
The bunch of hooligans to the corrupt cop
Their stories swing from mouths to ears
Wagging tongues at flashy cars and wears
Like a dog left to lick its own sore
Conformity mocks the goodly-poor
Those who gave in long time ago
In fortune and good life they now sow
Forced to bury all meagre compensations
For fast but sloppy commissions

Ultimately and unquestionably
Dried chaffs get blown away slowly
Where each and every fibre journeys
Determines its grace before morning
The leftovers are brought together and burnt
They could have escaped like the rest
With an extra effort from their best,
‘Could have stumbled on new soil
Years go by and fate selects its flock
Full of life still remains the aged block
Whether or not affluence knocks
It stands as an example of hope and love
To us, entirely products of block twenty-one!



“Life will just not wait for us to live it: We are in it, now, and Now is the time to Live” ―Michelle Geaney 

Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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